They’re Coming. They’re Here.

They’re Coming. They’re Here. Easter passed. Where were you last year?  They said don’t worry a mass awakening is about to happen. They say “its” coming. They say things will go back to normal. Then they say they won’t, and probably never will. They say it’s our destiny still yet unfulfilled. They say it takes… Continue reading They’re Coming. They’re Here.

Ode to my Country

because just because we live in the same country, doesn’t mean we live in the same country. there could be a multitude of experiences, within one city, one city block, one apartment building, that could be vastly different from a place a few miles away. one minute i am craving the flaky dough of a… Continue reading Ode to my Country

Ode to what is owned and given

  Once upon a time I had very few possessions. And in the process of owning of very little, and feeling quite a lot, I liberated myself from much undue suffering that I had haunted me for much of my life. In each moment, I was born anew, and asked in return favor to my… Continue reading Ode to what is owned and given


the cat is trying to jump over ledges to chase birds as himself and the one who is protecting himself with guttural grunts and namely reminders that are keeping him wild in time and space of edges of sidewalk, grass, & garden. now tormented by watching birds fly free he is alone creature he will… Continue reading cat

The desk

The desk in the briar patch What was that about? Something said, go that way Walk towards that space alive Go barefoot at that Shoes left by Two totem trees Winter land covered with dead leaves crunching under toes Wind pipes up Swallows soft blows Desk sits there all alone Learning what is to be… Continue reading The desk

Ode to Borges

I am a woman, and loved-myself most regularly, although I suppose in the human dimension, we all are born as female. Let’s be clear on this, however, whether in the role of lover or the object-being loved, I am a lover of all things concerning love love love.  Cities, I’ve seen a few, and in… Continue reading Ode to Borges

Good Girl

I’ve been cat-called and doggy-styled, I’ve been put down and tied-up. I know the upside of dog-dogging. I know the downside of uplifting. I’m a high-maintenance lowlier A cross-cultural cro-magnon Bi-curious and multi-talented And I can wear a miniskirt to the mega-mall. Read the rest at: “How to Be the Good Girl” on Thought Catalog

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Ode to 艾 and 爱 (Ode to Ai and Love)

Today I went to go see Ai Wei Wei’s “Never Sorry” at the Hirshorn Museum.  It’s been over five years since I’ve seen the film. To be honest, at this point I define my life by “life before I went to China” and “life after I lived in China.” Most ex-pats who have lived there… Continue reading Ode to 艾 and 爱 (Ode to Ai and Love)