Our solitude is such a stunning past
We still solidify
I see you
On ships and on the back of all the masts
Our passing postulates
In through you


And once it’s come undone
The falls of all our sorrows
Become again and won
The moment of tomorrow.


In moments of forgetting and unlearned
We speak vicissitudes
And free you
Into the wild drought that is our breathing
It’s missing molecules
That need you


And once it’s come undone
We shed away our sorrows
Words we find within
Are only something borrowed.


I’m losing all the light that had the message
We still solidify
What we do
Moments are the makings of passing
Imagined episodes
It leaves you


And once it’s come undone
The slumber of such stillness
It touches what is one
Which cures our sinking illness.


Something opens up the shell
A miracle transforms it
Just a path
A steaming sword
That guides our light right toward it.


Teetering on the past tense
My lips felt numb
In subjunctive attitudes
(reclining “must’ve dones”)
Free to fall from finding
Only speaking
Will bleed through


The paper of this poetry
I dedicate to the tree
That gave its very soul
To be joined at once with me.

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