Startled as Such

So much sleep and healing hands
Give to me what was your plan

Feed the body and clear the mind
Hope that all comes through with time

Bleeding animal, valid sort
Invite me into your loving court

Inside robes and outside bones
Leave your troubles at my home

Where words fail and music leaks
Pray the rest my love to seek

Breathe with loving good and doubt
Give spirit time to have its drought

Patient, kind and gracious soul
Tell me now to become whole

Climbing ladders and falling down
The ins and outs of true love’s frown

Pick a flower for my eyes
Pick an answer full of lies

Hold me in your arms
Until death’s soft call starts to turn

May it’s ripple be felt on the surface of time
Staring at two hands that shall return gifts to this earth

We all hope to dedicate this day to you along with
       our lack of feeling
       lack of patience
       unexpected grieving
       questioning assumptions
       lists of ten and twenty of why we should we should not join you

We lingered on bass notes
Hoping to move on from such tragedy

“It affected all of me,” she said.
“How could you think you’d be better off dead?”

We could never know
But sooner or later
We would  have to continue on with our own hum-drum lives

We’d be moved by your love
And prosper
You are so true now
More than ever before
Body in the sky
Or body on the floor
We’ll move to you
I’m time, you’ll see
Only then can both souls
Live free
I didn’t know movement made matters worse
A splattering of blood
A note in her purse

He tuned his smile to middle C
It hid a man
Without mercy

How does one responded to such grieving?
“By pulling down the blinds to let you breathe.”

Track these footprints
However he goes
For I know
I’m not the one moving in the moon light

And we’ll search
To hear such sweet music again
We will miss all of you
The lines you wrote
For everything you gave us, friend
Became the poetry I now quote


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