The desk

The desk in the briar patch
What was that about?
Something said, go that way
Walk towards that space alive
Go barefoot at that
Shoes left by
Two totem trees
Winter land covered
with dead leaves
crunching under toes
Wind pipes up
Swallows soft blows
Desk sits there all alone
Learning what is to be sought
by autumns soft rot
go ahead, linger longer
Ask not what is to be taught

Ode to Borges

borges quote edits

I am a woman, and loved-myself most regularly, although I suppose in the human dimension, we all are born as female. Let’s be clear on this, however, whether in the role of lover or the object-being loved, I am a lover of all things concerning love love love. 

Cities, I’ve seen a few, and in this case, I’ve lived in two – Pittsburgh and Washington, DC.  Born and consumed a lot of bread living at the end of a not-exactly-paved private driveway [1]in Western, Pennsylvania. Spent wo years as a volunteer teacher in Yunnan, China teaching children to read and write in English among other things — like how to dance to American pop songs, shoot a basketball and why “money” earned for high test scores should not be copiously counterfeited in order to purchase a sheet-rolls of scented stickers.


At this time, most of the learning was done by me -the teacher – and the teaching done by them – the students. Three years after returning from the journey and I’m still wondering if that’s the way things should be in the way we teach and interact with each other.  What if rather than “suiting up” for the roles we play, we spoke through the essence of our “being?[2]” We could really exchange the information that gives us the energy we crave to survive and thrive fully and satiates our curiosity for understanding shared unity that sustains our shared human experience.


I am on a journey of evolution and self-discovery. Guided by insight and intuition, I stand with a foot in the ground and a finger pointing towards the edge of the emergent.

Let’s enter into this play together. Explore the possibilities of our latent potentials. Walk to the edge of the liminal consciousness.  Create and configure the containers that can hold a “we-mystical”[3] Heart. Drink the sap from the up-tapped Wisdom of our Being.

If you’re interested, I invite you to back to the start.


[1] Made of gravel and mud that my father hand-plowed most winters and friends refused to drive down come high school for fear of getting stuck, resulting in a definitive break in my psyche after childhood days free-range roaming the woods and making friends, both real and imaginary, that never showed hinderance to pot-holes filled with ice as a deterrent to the solemnity of friendship (see my unpublished drafts for Buzzfeed article titled 13 Reasons Why, I, a Millennial from rural Pennsylvania, am Grateful for the Invention of the Internet)

[2] adrinne marie brown. Emergent Strategy “Less prep, more presence” p. 42

[3]Albere, Patricia. “We-Mysticism: The Church of the Space Between”  She writes “The movement of We-mysticism involves leaving the external world behind, not to retreat  into a private inner world, but to  place all of your attention on an interpenetrating reality that exists in the space between.”