They’re Coming. They’re Here.

They’re Coming. They’re Here.

Easter passed. Where were you last year? 

close up photography of hand near window
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They said don’t worry a mass awakening is about to happen. They say “its” coming. They say things will go back to normal. Then they say they won’t, and probably never will. They say it’s our destiny still yet unfulfilled. They say it takes timing, effort, to go where you need to, be who you want to be. They say you need to buy more, and guess what, everything is 50% off on the website now and clearly you’re running out of things to wear. They say that we’re not free until all of us are free. Then they say we all are already free right now and that’s something worth fighting for. We say ok declare war then.

They say we’ve built our own chains just as willingly as we’ve built our own castles. They say “no man is an island,”  but he can certainly live on one, and probably remain perfectly safe. They say we’re just a drop in the ocean – salt water cures everything. They say social distancing is hard – but necessary. They say we’ve come so far but still have a long way to go. They say shut up you are full of “toxic” positivity. They say hey you owe me 752 dollars a month for that piece of paper plus your tank is empty now go buy gas. They say goodbye and now go wash your hands. We say okay my hands are clean but my gut full of wire and brass I could do more with copper plated gold earrings that dance around my nose and hold up my chin.


grey white clouds



They say we could be building an elevator to space by now, a rocketship to Mars. They say to create a new home there. They say that’s good because now we’d be reborn as settlers but this time without a population to desecrate. They call it “a bug” but really, it’s an alien. They say it might actually help us to evolve. They say most people who are dying in America are black. They say whites hate Asians and Asians hate blacks. They say domestic violence up, but street crime is down. They say, don’t be shocked by that, and now, back to Commercial reak. They say you ought to be most afraid of the human psyche and what it can do because unlike the globe, it hasn’t been “mapped” yet.  We study those maps. We coat our walls with the mandalas of the Tibetans and wear facemasks designed by Carl Jung, we review the brain scans and take deep evaluations of what’s produced in the thymus and the cells regenerating with every deep breath and more powerful heartbeat of an intensive herbal workout. These maps of the body-mind have always been here and always will be, just as they were before. Nothing changes, even with the clock rewinds. They say most kids don’t use analog time anymore, anyways. They say this truth is binding, they say we have a soul contract. There’s no way we could use our own will to get out of it. They say it might rain today but it doesn’t. It storms. They say you might die in two weeks of cancer but you don’t. You live for 20 more years. You uncover some secrets, on a first attempt, but come back emptyhanded like a fisherman with a pole and no bait. You wish you could just be doing “a little bit more.” Hyper-drive kicks in. You can’t sleep at night. You say you’d wish for mercy by what you find out, so you come back again, so you start swimming furiously up to the shore as if your arms could never give in. They say you are weak, but you are strong. They say not to panic, but you feel like you can’t breathe. They say it feels like drowning, but still, your arms are swimming. They ask who is this “they” you are referring to exactly? They say at the end of this motivational speech that they’ll cut for Commercial break. Promise this time. They say they promise to cut copy edit for the Communist revolution. They say shit why is this thing not working? Work dammit. Who still owns a VCR? 


They say okay if you didn’t learn math in school. They say if you look like me and sound like me you’ll start winning then plus one  = guaranteed happiness. They say don’t ask kids to write down what kind of dreams they had last night when they wake up in the morning. They say listen to this and remember it’s just a blip in your brain of neurochemicals and synapses firing. They say who this  “we” you are referring to exactly? 


They say they can channel the gods and masters. They say it’s is just a light-being hologram placebo who comes down now and then to remind us all how to live. We say okay that makes sense we’ve forgotten how to live. We say we don’t feel anything. We don’t know anything. We say it’s time to get ready, to back to work. We get back to work.  We say take us when we’re ready. We’re ready. Take us. Take us to your leader. We know it’s time. Take us, already. We know. We’re ready! We’ll give you back our crowns. 


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