Ode to what is owned and given

  Once upon a time I had very few possessions. And in the process of owning of very little, and feeling quite a lot, I liberated myself from much undue suffering that I had haunted me for much of my life. In each moment, I was born anew, and asked in return favor to my… Continue reading Ode to what is owned and given

Good Girl

I’ve been cat-called and doggy-styled, I’ve been put down and tied-up. I know the upside of dog-dogging. I know the downside of uplifting. I’m a high-maintenance lowlier A cross-cultural cro-magnon Bi-curious and multi-talented And I can wear a miniskirt to the mega-mall. Read the rest at: “How to Be the Good Girl” on Thought Catalog

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Ode to 艾 and 爱 (Ode to Ai and Love)

Today I went to go see Ai Wei Wei’s “Never Sorry” at the Hirshorn Museum.  It’s been over five years since I’ve seen the film. To be honest, at this point I define my life by “life before I went to China” and “life after I lived in China.” Most ex-pats who have lived there… Continue reading Ode to 艾 and 爱 (Ode to Ai and Love)