\\\ Entrance \\\
“Pittsburgh is the only city with an entrance.”
“It’s a Mayan portal”
“And you do you know that?”
Look at the wooden coasters at Kennywood
All the deaths in ’68
A microburst killed someone on the whip
In a city of mountains
Who thought a tornado could
Take a life
In a place where the trill of it
Is an upside wheel spinning us
To the brink of death
For our own amusement
Just to remind us how we’re still alive

Civilization Concept

\\\ Civilization Concept \\\

I am here in awe of my own humility
In gratitude of what remains
Holy supper, simple flame
I have known you for only so long
Yet you have been here my whole life
From boundaries of this house, not solid
I found doing nothing is doing something
Oh, oh, so much more than something
Rather, the process of becoming everything
The lights of autumn they bow to you
And fill your cup
But now is the time for mine to fill thine
To undercut and rewind
Ages of second-guessing
Who was the one to come, to save us all
Rather known, inside of us
Then he spoke about glory
About Hallelujah
But who are we?
We are no bodies of belonging
I sat, forsaking those
Given names
Weighing heavy on my heart
You know them well perhaps, after I
Left to become a local celebrity
Returned to nothing more than
flattened trash, blackened asphalt
roadkill, Saturday shopping sprees
Shreds of nothing
Why such then do I live
“I found my own self-worth when switching to Geiko. Namaste”
And suddenly the rage of 3 armies
from a heart so small
It is not true.
It is not true.
It is not true.
To denounce the church of a
    mighty capitalist is one thing
To leave him is another
When still need your money
   if I am
To walk on solid ground
But what then, if the ground
never invited me to remain
  if I have perhaps
always been able to float?
  Fly, even?
What then do I make of
 your eyes
     your pyramid
          your martyrs
     Now I know
You only told us that to
     Justify your
    civilization concept
Comprised of indentured servants
     and African slaves
That never agreed to build
         your holy homes
From the roots of sacred ground
Of course, the wanderer asks
  what if we had only allowed
their children to
Away from silk submerged greed
   In what light then
would we write
   our creed?
One could only hope a true beginning
I need the Atom for my Eve
A molecule to send us off
on some trusted noble steed

Found you in the woods

I found myself lost again in
your words, in your embrace on
the rock

We watched a child splashing through the

Both of us, wanting to be present – but what was missing?

For me – the absence of a child between our sevles

How I wanted a part of you to fill me again –
your energy to sink into me, your breezy
cloud of healing, as my hips opened
and you declared me whole

But you never stayed you always
had to leave, somewhere better to be, I guess,
I craved to hold you again, admit you are my meant to be,
a powerful master, and held beneath you I wonder –
Why did I choose this life?

We only see the subconscious,
We can never really be free from
a society of laws, yet you and I are divine
creation, in four

Startled as Such

So much sleep and healing hands
Give to me what was your plan

Feed the body and clear the mind
Hope that all comes through with time

Bleeding animal, valid sort
Invite me into your loving court

Inside robes and outside bones
Leave your troubles at my home

Where words fail and music leaks
Pray the rest my love to seek

Breathe with loving good and doubt
Give spirit time to have its drought

Patient, kind and gracious soul
Tell me now to become whole

Climbing ladders and falling down
The ins and outs of true love’s frown

Pick a flower for my eyes
Pick an answer full of lies

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Snow-walled sidewalks
Labyrinthine twists
Body glides along
In these moments
You are closer to god than others
(Or moving further away).
Minotaur’s horned head stuck in my own heart chambers
I place my spine on her spine
My tree.
I ask her heart to beat with mine
Seated on a snow drift
“Give me some answers, please?”
Then a voice –
Is it him ?
Did I meet him on a walk one morning?
No, just men jogging.

The Purple

And there she was, fresh from her tomb,
a girl with flesh eyes upon this bloom.
That gazed into a world she couldn’t understand
“Brave new people, what is this – man?”
The idea of a fallen warrior cast from God; a hero; a journeyman; a fixer; a doer; a seer.

Anything could capture her. Your knees. Your toes.
She would walk all night and not where she goes.
“Hold me into the vast,” she said.
“Let’s plunge into the deep. I’ve never experienced anything quite like when we sleep.”

And awaken, with bodies intertwined.
Hand holding hand, hand griping spine.
Out from lash undertow come blue buoys
Surfacing, then curious.

The skin is freshly cut
Grass sweet smelling furiously
Rejoicing in its own death.

“This never felt quite right and I had a right to say so.”
Who had known? Not she nor he.

The energy at any given moment is rushing into stardust saying:
“You grew worse through the ages. I saw your scars.”
“But you wanted this. You asked for it.”

A man who enjoys a woman’s pleasure more than his own is still struggling with his faulty design.
Go at once. You won’t come back again.

Come ‘on baby. I’ve got two speeds. Fast and faster.
Hold on tight to my sheets or
Come weakened in the knees.
Next to you, I bleed.

“These nights don’t come for free.
For a fee, I’ll keep you with me.”

She had once wanted that. To be kept, I’m sure.
And to be healed by his righteous hand.
Never knowing how beautifully he saw her.
Locked up in snow bones spouting
“Stay warm sunshine.”

“So what does he take me as – a whore?”
Sure, but did anyone care to ask?
“How did you feel – used?”
“Sometimes.” No affliction.

How can a body love body but not mind love mind?

You don’t see the sunrise as you used too.
But that’s what you wanted. To be a man. To have your brothers.
Your crazy lobe comes with the territory and the joy of never taming her wild heart.
Leave yours to beat in the spirit cage that you built with pleasure.
Made of suns and clean rings.
House code cracked
bomb a body on a body
leave the mind on a mine.

If the fates allowed could we unwind?
“I still think of the way your eyes once met time,” his hand twists torso pulling vines.
Lips peel narrow and kiss stabs sharp.
“I’m supposed to like this. This is my work of art.”

She’ll be free one day, you’ll see.
Present – not crawling.
He needs healing and has since the day he died.
“I’m an old-fashioned kind of manhood.”
Thinks those flesh eyes understood.
How body meets body and the mind is mine.

Press play for pleasure.
Perhaps she passively participated and
Became an object to be spun & won.
Who knows how many men have experienced what she’d done.

Like a Venus figure, held tight in the hand.
“I own you fleeting spirit.”
Let me wash off your sweat flakes with oil from my mouth.
Soak in the bathwater of your stain.

“Oh what I’d give to be with her in two.”